It may be hard to believe, but Beauties & Headcanons has been around for almost a year!! This is our 50th episode, so we thought we’d take a break from the topics and let you in on a little bit of our lives. We share with you what nerdy things we’ve got our hands in, from games we’re playing, to nerdy projects we’re each doing doing, to what we’re all watching and reading! Elisabeth talks about her newest writing project, Emily shares a new venture she’s hoping to start soon, and Lindsay tells us about some summer nerdy events she’ll be going to! Thank you so much for your support through all of these episodes, we wouldn’t be here without our listeners! Check out Elisabeth’s Instagram @_emmadilla to see her preset tweaking! Also, as mentioned in the episode, if you want to check out Emily’s husband’s Twitch channel, go to and throw him a follow! Shoutout to SquadCast, who is now an official sponsor of our show! We love using SquadCast as our recording platform, especially since we’re all recording remotely. Great sound quality on an easy-to-use browser interface makes it a breeze!

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