By: Christine O’Toole

As the old song goes, “Video killed the radio star.” What no one would have expected when that song came out in 1979 was that an entertainment medium that shared many of the same components as radio would be an on-the-rise powerhouse in 2018. This medium is, of course, podcasting. Since the early 2000’s podcasts have been a great way for listeners to learn new things. As podcasts have recently begun to influence the pop culture landscape, more people might be looking to learn more about this fairly niche form of entertainment. Here are five things you might not know about podcasts.

1. What’s in a name?
The term “podcast” comes from the olden days of 2004, where Ben Hammersley referred to the digital shows using the portmanteau in The Guardian. This is a combination of Apple’s iPod, which was the primary vehicle people used to listen to the previously unnamed medium, and broadcast. Another term that has been used is netcast, which provides a brand-neutral alternative.

2. Podcasts are growing in popularity
While there are some people who haven’t yet embraced the medium, there are plenty all over the world who enjoy listening to one or more shows. In the United States, 44% of the population listens to podcasts, a number that is steadily rising. Since 2013, there have been more than one billion podcasts downloads.

3. Podcasts are great for on-the-go listening
Many people who listen to podcasts are doing so in their homes, 22% of listeners will take their favorite podcasts to go, listening in their vehicles during a commute or trip. Another 49% are listening to a podcast from the comfort of their home. No matter where they are listening, 69% of podcast enthusiasts are using their mobile phones to enjoy their favorite programs.

4. Everyone’s a comedian
Even though there are a variety of genres, the majority of podcast consumers are looking for humor a little humor, which is why comedy podcasts are more likely to be at the top of the charts. Of course, there is plenty of cross-over between different genres. A political podcast can easily find a humorous slant and top the comedy charts, providing an expanded audience. On Apple Podcasts, the nine genres that are recognized include Comedy, TV & Film, Technology, Sports & Recreation, Games & Hobbies, Arts, Music, Religion & Spirituality, and Science & Medicine. Of course, there are many other topics and genres that can be mashed together to create the perfect podcast.

5. Anyone can be a podcaster
From journalists to authors to celebrities, many people who are looking for a creative outlet or a way to share ideas turn to podcasts. Public House Media features hosts like Kim Meyer of “Choose to RiSE,” a health and wellness coach, “How to Write Good” host Daniel Poppie, an English enthusiast, and 2017 Miss Wisconsin McKenna Collins, host of “Table Talk.” No matter what you do, there’s something that you can share with the world, and if you’re not ready to broadcast to the internet, explore the excellent content available at Public House Media.

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