By: Emily Elmquist

Welcome to Public House Media, where we love podcasts, and we hope you do too! I’m Emily, host of Beauties & Headcanons, and I’m here today to share a few of our other podcasts that you need to check out RIGHT NOW! Seriously. I’m not even promoting my own podcast, because these shows are THAT GOOD!

In no particular order:

Hosted by “The Gregg” (Gregg Wandsneider) and “Dave Show” (David Bobke), these two gentlemen bring you the weird, the interesting, and just plain odd news you didn’t know you need to know. Is it really news, or just noise? They want YOU to decide! From cotton candy tortillas to stories about mysterious pickle jars, to obscure Wisconsin town names, their topics bring out some of the strangest factoids from around the U.S. and the world. They have witty banter, engaging commentary, and always make sure listeners have a good laugh. A new episode releases every Wednesday, so be sure to hit that subscribe button and download the latest episode!

For once, a movie and media-related podcast that tells it like he sees it, personally. Sam Kirby hosts “Cinema Stories with Sam Kirby” (obviously), and puts out a well-produced episode every other Tuesday. His good-humored jokes often make himself the victim, giving listeners a hearty chuckle, while his excellent use of audio-effects provides a top-notch listening experience. Sam isn’t afraid to voice his real, honest opinion, even if it’s not a popular one. He’ll tell you what he likes, doesn’t like, would have changed, and why! Give a listen, and enjoy Sam’s honest take on current movies and media news.

Are you a writer? No? That’s OK! How to Write Good hosted by Daniel Poppie is the writing podcast that’s not about writing. If you’re looking for an intellectual podcast, look no further! Daniel uses his psychology background and applies it to writing, by discussing how people think, act, and perceive. Dry, witty humor is sprinkled throughout his episodes, engaging the listener and bringing across excellent food-for-thought. At the core of each episode lies an “Accidental Essence,” providing fodder for deep intellectual consideration. The “Word of the Week” segment helps listeners expand their vocabularies with forgotten terminology, and the “Fallacy of the Week” enriches the thought processes to encourage listeners to think more deeply. Prepare yourself for a mind-blowing moment upon mind-blowing moment! You can tune in with Daniel every Wednesday, but make sure to subscribe so you never miss his self-deprecation and brain workouts again.

I don’t know about you, but Thursdays can be a bit of a drag. They’re not quite Friday, and always seem to last forever. If you’re looking for some encouragement, look no further! Check out the NEWEST podcast from Public House Media every Thursday. Julianne Condia hosts “Rewritten with Julianne Condia,” with relatable stories from her personal journey to encourage listeners to press through struggles. Positivity and encouragement abound, as Julianne describes ways to conquer some of life’s greatest hang-ups. Her anecdotes come from guest hosts as well, showing that anyone with any background can stretch themselves to become the best version of themselves.

Sports fans – this podcast is for you! A sports show by reporters for fans, so you don’t get the “canned” answers the players are supposed to give you. Real opinions from real members of the sports press give this podcast an edge over other podcasts about professional athletics. Christian Heimall hosts “Press Row,” discussing current sports topics, interviewing the reporters covering events everyone’s talking about. Guests like Kyle Tait, Jared Greenberg, Joe Pantorno, and many many more join Christian to bring listeners honest answers to fan questions every Thursday! Have a sports question? Let Christian know, and he’ll answer it on the show! But make sure to subscribe, so you don’t miss it!

There you have them! Public House Media is a host to a wide variety of podcasts, so there’s something for everyone. If one of these five shows doesn’t quite tickle your fancy, be sure to check out any of the other shows in the network. I’m sure you’ll find something to enjoy on your commute to work, while you’re making dinner, getting ready, or relaxing after a long day.

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