Can we all agree that social media is now a completely normal way to meet people? Emily, Elisabeth and, Lindsay are your “deliciously nerdy” hosts who all live in different time zones, have crazy schedules, but can all agree that this podcast, Beauties and Headcanons, is one of the coolest things they do, here’s why.

1- Each host has their own niche and fandoms

The hosts bring their experience and passions to the show that are catered to their personal areas that they are able to get super excited about. They all research thoroughly to be able to hang through the episode to entertain and talk nerdy through the topic because it is something they are all so passionate about the ‘what if’s’.

2- They like trying new things:

Emily said they are not afraid of going towards new fandoms that they don’t know about and really enjoy that aspect of the show. Many different shows come from listeners and family members who suggest topics and they really enjoy that this platform allows for that kind of interaction!startrek.0

3- Fandoms can be for everyone.  

If you’re passionate about it or not and enjoy movies, learning more on the backstory created can really build a lot of passion in this field for you! If you are really passionate about something, people tell you to go for it. If you are really into learning about nerdy fandoms, this is a community that you are definitely accepted into.

4- You can jump into this podcast and subscribe:

Listen as a first timer who knows skim to nothing about Harry Potter, Avengers, Deadpool, Lord of the Rings and many more different movies or video games, without any previous knowledge. Yes it is helpful and you can learn over time, but this show is very entertaining to anyone who wants to dabble into #nerdytalk.


5-They listen to their listeners! 

Spotlight Episode number 54 is the anniversary episode of Beauties & Headcanons and answers so many questions from the listeners! This Podcast is extremely unique in how influential listeners input really is by directing topics that could turn into so many episodes!

Tune into this weeks episode on specifically why Batman is wrong!

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