Cinema Stories with Sam Kirby is not your average movie review podcast. With a new episode every other week, Kirby’s podcast is a ton of fun! Let me break it down for you with the following excellent reasons (in my humble opinion) why you should listen!

  1. Great production – sound effects, background music, editing, voicing, “characters”. Sam pulls out all the stops when he edits his podcast and does it very well! Laugh tracks to corny jokes, voice-overs of himself as different characters, and even spoof commercials all have their place in Cinema Stories.
  2. Critical analyses of films. Every episode is a new adventure, digging into the newest releases and even some movies of the past. Mr. Kirby takes apart films at his pleasure, whether it was the latest blockbuster or one that had been tickling his brain for the last several years. He excels at unpacking underlying themes in movies that the average viewer would just take at face-value for entertainment and nothing more. What makes his analyses even better is that as a young cinematography student he understands what goes into making a good film and can critique a movie for elements from that perspective.
  3. Honest, even if no one else agrees. Sam pulls no punches when he has an opinion. He will provide disclaimers if opinions are spoilers or may be unpopular, but he will always give his honest viewpoint. What good is a movie review podcast if the reviewer just says what everyone wants to hear anyway? Mr. Kirby has a way of explaining his viewpoint in a way that makes listeners sympathize – even empathize – with his opinion. Now that, my friends, is evidence of an excellent
  4. Who doesn’t love that Wisconsin accent? If you’re not from Wisconsin or even the Midwest, you’ll definitely notice it – and it’s so endearing! Maybe it’s because I miss my roots, having grown up in the Midwest and now living in the Pacific Northwest, but even so, those drawn-out vowels just make you go “Awwww…” don’t they? And if you ARE from the Midwest, especially Wisconsin, then you’ll just feel like you’re listening to your neighbor or best friend talk about his latest movie-going experience!
  5. Keeps things lighthearted and well-paced. I am literally always smiling when I listen to every episode. Sam has a way of bringing out the bright side of things, even in the dark land of cinematography. Don’t get me wrong, he definitely discusses deep and somewhat melancholy films and the underlying themes thereof. But at just the right moment he’ll throw in a joke, a sound effect, or change topics to keep his episode moving. He segments his show very well. You can expect a consistent length of each episode, as well as regular elements to each episode.

Whether you’re a die-hard movie lover or a casual media fan, Sam’s got you covered! Give a listen bi-weekly on Tuesdays here, or listen on iTunes, Spreaker, Google Podcasts, or wherever you find your (other) favorite podcasts.

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