As the only married-couple podcast on Public House Media’s network, Coffee with Keith & Katie has a great number of unique qualities. I’ll take you through the top 5 of those unique qualities to explain why you should listen to this fabulous podcast!

  1. Every episode airs on Facebook LIVE, so you can see their lovely faces! It’s raw, uncut footage of the two chatting about whichever topic they have that day. Twice a week (Mondays and Thursdays at 7:30 PM CST), Keith and Katie grace the internet with their existence, and the podcast version of every episode is available for your downloading convenience the following day (Tuesdays and Fridays). Since they stream every episode live, you can interact with them in real time while they chat, and you might even get a shoutout!
  2. The married-couple cuteness is strong with these two. The Hoehnes are a lovely couple and demonstrate their adorableness for viewers. Whenever I see them I just wanna give them a hug! I guess you need to see it to understand. They may not always agree, especially with their sports game predictions, but they do always love coffee and each other! Their banter is fantastic, which makes every episode hilarious. Besides, who doesn’t love some healthy debate?
  3. They have that Midwestern charm. Oh yah, der, hey! Keith and Katie hail from Wisconsin and often shape their episodes around events and topics from the Midwest. In the fall, their episodes include predictions and discussion of Packer games. Winter brings warming up in search of the best coffee around. Their spring episodes follow the Brewers’ record and celebrate the (hopeful) return of warmer weather! I guess life in the Midwest really revolves around the seasons, eh?
  4. It covers a variety of topics, but there’s always coffee! If it’s food, sports, trivia, weather, or anything else, they’ll talk about it. But there will ALWAYS be coffee, at least mentioned! Keith and Katie make sports predictions, play games and quiz each other, and even make food while live streaming their episodes! They even went on a quest to find the best local coffee shop – be sure to check out those episodes to find out what they think is the best!
  5. Every episode is a new adventure. Keith and Katie are almost always on-the-go, whether it’s Keith out of town for work, both of them on a road trip together, or Katie going solo to visit a local coffee shop. The location of each episode is a surprise unless they mention it beforehand! They definitely have the majority of their episodes from the comfort of their home, but they’re also able to showcase the flexibility technology brings to broadcasting by being able to do live episodes from wherever both of them happen to be!

Be sure to check out Coffee with Keith & Katie, however, is most convenient for you – whether that be on Facebook LIVE, Spreaker, iTunes, iHeartRadio, or any of the other great platforms out there!

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