How to Write Good, hosted by Daniel Poppie, is the writing podcast that’s not about writing. It’s more thinking about writing and how to think about writing than it is about actually putting pen to paper or fingertip to keyboard. Catch a new episode of How to Write Good every Wednesday!

  1. Daniel’s use of dry humor is my favorite part of his show. Even the podcast’s title is a display of his sense of humor, which nods to the improper grammar that has become so rampant in our age of technology and social media. He often makes himself the subject of his jokes, where sarcasm reigns supreme. A frequent joke that most of his listeners are either his mother or have terrible taste. We here at Public House Media know that’s not true!
  2. Thinking about thinking about writing is Daniel’s wheelhouse. He spends the bulk of his episodes discussing various aspects of human thought, which brings up mind-bending and enlightening food-for-thought. His first episode, “Why do people like stories?” started the podcast off on a strong note, and he’s only gotten more in-depth from there. If you’re one for splitting hairs, you’ll love listening to Daniel talk his way around issues and topics relating to the human psyche.
  3. Expand your vocabulary – and your mind! Daniel begins each episode with a “Word of the Week,” forgotten terminology he thinks should make a comeback in a world which has forgotten how to spell. He brings back words like nudiustertian (the day before yesterday) and ruminate (to think about deeply, also what a cow does when it chews its cud). The meat of every episode is the “Accidental Essence,” during which Daniel discusses whichever particular topic he has planned for that week. He addresses topics like what makes a story interesting, what obsession is (there are 3 WHOLE episodes on this one!), and the necessity of failure for learning.
  4. Correct some misconceptions. To finish off every episode, the “Logical Fallacy of the Week” brings up misconceptions commonly had across many groups of people, explaining what the fallacy is and how to correct it. Daniel discusses presuppositions, assumptions, and miss-perceptions that we have as humans which cause logical disconnects to take place. Things get really interesting when considering how the fallacies came about, to begin with!
  5. He relates psychology to writing, and it’s mind-blowingly wonderful. The human brain and how humans think play a huge role in writing, so it only makes sense that writers should take care to address their work according to what the mind finds interesting. Daniel explains what aspects of writing an appeal to different aspects of the psyche, and why. What better way to learn “How to Write Good” than that?!

Daniel just published his first book, “The Ninth Hour (In Memoriam Book 1),” which is now available on Amazon for preorder! The first in a series, the book officially releases on August 1, 2018. Learn more about Daniel Poppie at his website,! There, he blogs about what he’s reading shares his latest podcast episode, and also has more info on his writing exploits.

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