Among the plethora of sports podcasts on Public House Media, Press Row has been with the network since the beginning. Hosted by Christian Heimall, our Sports Director, every episode has great content on the teams, games, personnel, and sports franchises! Tune in Thursdays for a new episode every week!

  1. A seasoned show and seasoned host. Being a sports broadcaster for 7 years and currently an assistant GM for a professional baseball team in North Carolina, Christian Heimall uses his expertise and connections in the sports world to put together engaging episodes every week. Heimall knows what fans want to hear, what the sportscasters are most excited about, and how to bring all those things to his listeners. This is Heimall’s first podcast, which has been broadcasting for about 18 months, making Press Row one of Public House Media’s longest-standing shows next to a few others!
  2. Interviews with the analysts, reporters, and experts who cover the biggest stories in sports. Christian’s years of work in the sportscasting arena brought him connections to the leading experts that make the sports world go ’round. He interviews a different member of the media, analyst desk, recruiting staff, or other personnel each week to bring listeners that unique perspective only someone in their lines of work can provide. They don’t give the “canned” responses of coaches and players. They share their honest, real-talk opinions on why teams are doing what they’re doing, or what moves different players, coaches, and sports franchises might be making. This is probably Press Row’s most unique talking point – what other show does this?!
  3. Lesser-covered stories get the spotlight. Sure, there’s sports news everywhere you look but is it the news you want to know about? Press Row brings to the surface some sports stories the bigger news outlets don’t talk about. Heimall says, “[We] talk about the sports that may not get all the coverage you see on national TV.” Why you ask? Because it’s what interests him, his interviewees, and his listeners! Heimall takes listener input very seriously and works toward incorporating that into each show as best he can. Which brings us this next point…
  4. Be interactive by submitting thoughts and questions! Press Row’s social media channels – Facebook, email (, and Twitter (@PressRowPHM) – are all active, and listeners can throw their two cents in! Audience questions get answered, and might even get addressed by members of the press during the episode. Christian is very open to discussing what his listeners are interested in, and makes every effort to include questions and commentary from his social media channels as he possibly can!
  5. It’s an easy listen! Most episodes are 30 minutes so you don’t have to schedule a time to hear the show. Just press play while you’re taking your commute, cooking a meal, getting ready for your day, or even during a workout! Maybe you could even listen to Christian’s voice as you drift off to sleep…it’s up to you! The beauty of podcasts is that you can listen on your time, and Press Row’s episodes don’t take a lot of it!

Whether you’re a hardcore sports fan, a casual supporter, or somewhere in between, Press Row brings you the content on games, teams, and players that you’re looking for! If you’re looking for a sports show that covers topics from a different perspective than mainstream media, look no further! Be sure to show your support for Press Row by following on Facebook and Twitter, and subscribing on your favorite podcasting platform so you never miss an episode!

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