Another sports podcast? Not so fast. Your hosts Christian Heimall, Jon Lauder, Matt Coyne, Tanner Burke, Max Wolpoff, Jake Holmes and Kayla Zenner are sports wizards that keeps you on your toes with lots of different content that covers all that you need in the short hour podcast to recap all things in current sports and invites different guest hosts to give a well-rounded dialog.  So, why listen to their show? Allow me to explain. 

1- This is a really in-depth podcast that educates you on why details are important throughout games.

I have not always kept up with certain teams details, but have at times in the past and this podcast really helps with that aspect. If you haven’t had the time to sit and watch the baseball, football, hockey, golf games and meets from the past few weeks, this podcast gives you a very nice overview of what actually happened and can tell you what you need to know for either lunchtime  conversations with coworkers, or to set yourself up for the next weekend of games and be in the know.

2- All things football.

Can you ever have enough football in America? I think not. College game days are some of my favorite and one of Christians favorite days to just flip through all the channels and keep up with what’s going on. I have always just watched College football and only paid attention to some key players like the team’s quarterbacks’ name, but I learned more from the episode “Who Wore it Better” about players than I did in the 3 hours I had football on my screen on Saturday. There is just something about listening to actual real football fans speak about what is actually going on in the games and behind the scenes that just makes football season that much more exciting.

3- Actual. Real. Opinions. Can I get an Amen?

All the shows we watch on the most popular broadcasting channels are filtered and censored for many reasons, but here we actually get real opinions! Why is this important? A lot of the time you can’t tell how people feel about players outside of broadcasting world so to get another person’s opinion on a player is a breath of fresh air. What brings two people closer faster over a mutual hatred or extreme love? Not many things. I want to know things about players besides who’s a good scout and who’s not for the big things. I also want to learn more about how players get paid and what’s ‘normal’ and what’s not. For many loyal football fans, this podcast can be viewed as an enjoyable fan that continues the dialog that already may have been going on. For those fans just getting into the sports podcasting world, this is a great introduction without opinions being shoved down your throats, but you get to learn all about behind the scenes in the sports world

4- The fans of the games and our listeners guide the show’s direction.  

The fans from the cheap seats are usually the most entertaining yes? Even better as listeners- you get this podcast, our website and social media platforms for free! The weekly poll questions on Public House Media’s Facebook page are extremely entertaining and give a fresh topic for our hosts to give every week to continue to produce new topics for our listeners to enjoy. The different host guests that join Christian all bring their fun personalities to the show along with their knowledge and sarcasm which is highly entertaining.

5-  New things are brewing!

New Co-Host Kayla Zenner, Marketing Coordinator for your Wisconsin Woodchucks, recent graduate from Northwestern University and sports enthusiast will be joining The Cheap Seats every Tuesday night LIVE on The Cheap Seats Facebook page at 7 pm Standard Time. Don’t miss it

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