Spice up your Wednesday (or any other day – you can listen to archived episodes on your favorite podcasting app!) commute, morning routine, or work break with The Gregg & Dave Show! Here are five reasons you need to check out this wild and wanky podcast.

  1. You didn’t know you needed to know that. Gregg Wandsneider and Dave Bobke bring you news from all around the U. S. and even the world. News that probably didn’t make the headlines on your local primetime news. Just because it’s not a mainstream story doesn’t mean it isn’t worth knowing, though! “The Gregg” and “Dave Show” are here to make sure the stories you didn’t know you needed to know are brought to your ear holes every week.
  2. Charisma and entertainment value. Each episode is hosted by personas “The Gregg” (Gregg Wandsneider) and “Dave Show” (Dave Bobke), providing witty commentary on the stories in each episode and accompanied by masterful sound effects. Tuning in each week is like taking an adventure with the hosts, exploring the weird, the interesting, and the hilarious articles that come to their attention. Never a dull moment with these two gentlemen!
  3. Mrs. Bale. Just listen. You’ll understand. Also, who in the world is Bobbo?! Maybe Dave Show can tell you. 😉
  4. “The Gregg” and “Dave Show” are genuinely great gentlemen. Dave and Gregg have wonderful senses of humor and flow really well together while in-episode. They are great to interact with, both pertaining to their show and if you happen upon either of them on other social media channels.
  5. With a wide variety of stories, what’s not to love? There’s literally something for everyone in at least one of their episodes. From “Spammy McSpamFace” to “RSVP4WTF” to “Don’t Touch the Red Button,” to name a few titles, each episode highlights 2-3 stories that relate in some way to the title. Increase your trivia knowledge, or just tune in for random entertainment, but either way, you’re bound to have a good time!

“The Gregg” and “Dave Show” may just be characters in their self-titled podcast, but Gregg Wandsneider and Dave Bobke bring those characters to life and bring you the best in the news you didn’t know you needed to know! A new episode comes out every Wednesday, for your listening pleasure!

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