Mantras are the new personal power anthems and let me tell you, you want Dr. Mariah White to teach you all about them.

Dr. Mariah White is a passionate full time tiny human healer, health and happiness coach, sister in Christ and business mentor. Think you can’t relate, just wait.

Mariah recently graduated with her Doctorate of Nurse of Practice after struggling through a divorce, questioning her purpose, learning how to build her own business, working full time, starting her weight loss journey and learning how to love herself again after almost making a permanent decision that wouldn’t have solved any of her temporary issues.

She has made her mess her message and is choosing to share her story on Public House Media.

Your Life Matters just launched in August and is a podcast that is sweeping our nation, here’s why you should subscribe so you never miss an episode.

1- Morning Mantras- “I am” statements can direct your attitude for the entire day. By learning how to instill mantras in your everyday morning routine, you get to choose how you are going to react in different scenarios. By saying to yourself “I am worthy, I am loved, I am enough” instead of “I have so much to get done today, I don’t have time for breakfast, I am going to be late”  you are going to set yourself up for success.

All those small details may still happen, but you have the mindset shift of the choice to be grateful for the opportunity to have a job, to have a way to get to work, to have the money to feed yourself in the morning. These are things that take practice at getting good at, but Mariah is very helpful in coaching through that.

2- By listening to this podcast, you are investing time into yourself and giving yourself time to reflect on your personal journey, you will not get this time back and you can’t unlearn these skills, and you will not regret giving yourself this time by making yourself a priority.

You should be setting time in your day for yourself. Personal Development podcasts and books are on the rise. Why? Because mental health is becoming more and more neglected and we as a society need to recognize that we all go through different seasons in our journey that include hardships, heartbreaks, trials, and temptations.

3- Mariah wants you to be successful and will breathe belief into you in so many different ways.  There are people out there like this. She believes in you and your wildest dreams and wants you to be able to reach them. This is not a competitive environment.

How often in your jobs environment do you hear your coworkers complain about a person in the job position that they want? How many times do you hear coworkers just complain in a day period? What if you mixed that conversation up with something positive that you learned about limiting beliefs and that if you want that job, work hard for it and don’t let someone else tell you that you can’t do it.

4- If you are building a business, your best bet to be successful is to learn from a mentor who has done it from the ground up like you. She has built a six-figure income from hard work and dedication. Mariah has worked Monday through Sunday and teaches some of her best practices that you can instill in your daily grind. Like I said earlier, Mariah wants you to be successful in whatever it is you want to do. Your success does not take away from hers, she is here to give and answer questions. Send her a personal message and Mariah will answer it with arms wide open.

5- “Your Life Matters” is just beginning.  This podcast just launched and has already been filled with so many different lessons, but we are just starting to dig into this huge area of Personal Development, Self Love and Self Acceptance. This podcast will continue to teach you all about yourself, and why you should never stop working and investing in yourself. We all go through different seasons, so this week’s podcast might speak to you in 3 months from now, or one might speak to you right at the moment that you are listening to it like Mariah is speaking directly to you when you need it most. Don’t stop learning, keep investing in yourself and recognize why your life matters.

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