Public House Media’s collection of sports shows is pretty broad, but this one is JUST soccer! Or fútbol, for the more refined enthusiast. If you’re a soccer junkie or have one in your life, then look no further! You’ll need Your Soccer Passport, hosted by Brice Burge and Ivan Sanchez-Carrasco, to access the best soccer news, commentary, and hype!

1. The hosts LOVE all things soccer. Brice Burge and Ivan Sanchez-Carrasco come from very different backgrounds which complement one another excellently. Brice’s background in broadcasting (and a certificate in law from Harvard, not to brag) meshed with Ivan’s history playing goalie and coaching high school college ball in Oregon cause the pieces of soccer to collide in one show.

2. Guests are relevant and make great commentary on current events in the soccer world.

Since Ivan lives in Portland, OR, he has access to some great soccer personnel, in addition to the contacts he has from playing and coaching. One of their guests has even joined them from Perú! You can’t get much more fútbol than that!

3. Episodes cover timely topics. 

The show started during the World Cup tournament, covering every game, every upset, and finally finishing with France’s victory. Now the show focuses on the progression of teams and players going into off-season logistics, as the last few games wrap up and votes come in for Player of the Year.

4. Their emphasis on women’s soccer sets them apart. 

Keeping up with just the men’s teams can be challenging enough, so Brice and Ivan also take it upon themselves to keep you up to speed on the women’s teams as well! A breakdown of who’s in the running for championships, what each team needs to do in upcoming matches to stay in the running, as well as gameplay analysis, gives a well-rounded coverage of the women’s side of the ball!

5. Ivan:

“The Crazy Goalie” brings his unique perspective and first-hand knowledge. Not only does Ivan’s personality make him weird (or is crazy a better word?) enough to actually play goalie, it also brings that special flavor to the show no one else can provide. Due to his personal experience playing soccer, Ivan also can comment on matches, plays, and players as a player rather than an observer. When Ivan talks about the game, you can hear his passion for it and just want to hear more of what he has to say.

Listen for to Your Soccer Passport every Tuesday, and make sure to subscribe on your favorite podcast platform so you never miss an episode!

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