Emily & Elisabeth: With the prevalence of comic book movies and series and the rise in popularity of other geek media, there are certain constants in terms of who and what is portrayed in those types of media. However, there is more to DC than just Batman and Superman and more to Doctor Who than just The Doctor, so this week Emily and Elisabeth dive deep into their fandoms to bring up characters who are often shuffled to the side that they’d like to see front and center, whether that be on the big screen in a full length movie or featured prominently in a tv or book series. Did you know much about these characters before? Would you be interested in a series following a young Minerva McGonagall or an origin movie for Omega Red? Also, we cover a few brief announcements in Nerd News regarding a brand new live action series, a superhero game that lives up to the hype, and a game studio that is unfortunately shutting down. All this and more in this week on Beauties & Headcanons!

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