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For the longest time, the best way to access the spoken word on the go was through radio. However, traditional radio broadcasts present a set of challenges that can leave listeners feeling dissatisfied, which is why many people are instead turning to podcasts for their on-the-go entertainment. While there are some similarities between podcasts and radio broadcasting, there are also plenty of differences that may account for some of the reasons why podcasting is growing in popularity.


Pretty much everyone now has a smartphone. With a smartphone people are able to listen to podcasts no matter where they are or what they are doing, no matter what time it is. On the other hand, traditional broadcasts are constrained to their time slot, making it harder for consumers to enjoy the entirety of the program.


While traditional broadcasting has to appeal to a mass market, anyone is able to find a podcast that is specifically tailored to their interests. From Sports to Enlightenment, consumers are able to choose exactly what they want to listen to, instead of relying on broadly themed broadcasts that are looking to reach a massive number of people who might not be interested in some of the content.

Easy access

When you want to listen to a podcast, it is only a click away. Opening one of the many podcast apps provides access to an entire world of content. While there are many broadcasts that post their shows online after they are recorded, you will likely have to download a specific app for each show you listen to, where podcasts can be found on a variety of different networks.

Fewer Commercial Breaks

This isn’t to say that podcasts don’t have sponsors or advertisers. Many podcasts include advertisements during the show, much like traditional broadcasting. However, you will most likely be hearing the voice of the host, instead of a manic compilation of jingles and yelling, which can take up the majority of a traditional broadcast.

Anyone can do it!

Traditional broadcasting can be a difficult field to get into. With the popular hosts working for years, there is no room for new blood. However, with a podcast, anyone is able to record one on any topic. This not only provides plenty of opportunities for up and coming voices, but it also fosters a feeling for familiarity between hosts and their listeners.

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