The Cheap Seats has just about as many hosts as there are professional sports teams (well, not quite), and this week we feature host Matt Coyne. He hosts alongside Jake Holmes on Fridays. The two often (but not always) end up griping about Pittsburgh’s athletic shortcomings, but have a blast doing it!

Matt has been with The Cheap Seats since the beginning in February when he was approached by Baxter Colburn about doing a sports show.

He said Matt has “that radio voice” and Matt thought it would be a fun venture. He’s new to the podcasting/broadcasting world, but his co-host Jake is a sports broadcaster in the Pittsburg area. The two lived in the Pittsburgh area and met there, but Matt has since moved several times. Matt asked Jake to join his Friday episodes a month or so into the show, and they’ve been putting out weekly episodes ever since.

As a show, Matt says The Cheap Seats is unique because it’s from the fans’ perspective. “We can get away with sounding like idiots” because of that, he says, and that makes the show fun! Listeners don’t get the polished reactions or refined commentary one might expect from a seasoned sports podcast, but rather the hosts let loose and share their raw gut reactions and (mostly) unedited thoughts on anything and everything in the sports world.

Outside of podcasting, Matt is a Youth Minister and has been doing work I youth ministry for about 10 years. His calling has taken him and his family from Pennsylvania to Wyoming to currently northeastern Wisconsin. Having lived in several locations in the US, Matt says he’d pick Alaska if he could choose any place to live, however, Wisconsin is his favorite so far out of all the places he’s lived. He and his wife of 6 years, Brittany, have two girls, Mirabella is 4 and Breya is 3. When he’s not spending time with his family, he’s enjoying his hobby of woodworking or coaching his middle school football team.

Matt loves attending sports events with his family.

Matt has always been a big sports fan, having grown up in Pittsburgh playing rugby for 6 years and coaching the sport for 2.  A role model for Matt (and for the students, he works with) is Tim Tebow. Matt always respected him as a player and a man of faith. Even though Tim Tebow has endured adversity in his life and people put him down for various reasons, but he always stays true to his faith. Working with teenagers, that’s a man Matt can point the kids toward look up to. His favorite team overall is the Pittsburgh Pirates, but right now the Steelers have stolen his attention since football is in full swing! Growing up his grandpa and dad were always huge Pirates fans, and they passed that passion along to Matt as well.

Get to know Matt’s thoughts on all things sports every Friday on The Cheap Seats! Also be sure to check out the show’s social media channels for fun things like polls, trivia, and more!

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