Public House Media’s first (and so far only) Spanish podcast, Viviendo una vida en Balance (Living a life in Balance), is hosted by Peggy Rojas, a wife and mom of 3 boys living in the Eastern part of the U. S. She has been a part of the PHM family since September 2018, when her show first started. “I consider my podcast the unapologetically Christian modern approach to life and its challenges,” she comments. Her interest in podcasting was sparked when she saw a need in the Latin community for more information and support. Every episode provides a positive message to listeners, aiming to reach Spanish-speaking women in all walks of life.

Inspired by her grandmother, Peggy discusses living a balanced life by developing healthy habits, combating common struggles of Latina women in the U. S., and her favorite episode “Mujeres que Aman Demasiado” (Women that Love too Much). Peggy’s grandmother was a young widow “who created an amazing legacy for our family,” she says, reminiscing. She is active in her church, saying, “I love being a part of a big church and getting the support from groups at church.” With all of this inspiration in her life, it’s no wonder Peggy is passionate about inspiring others!

As a mom of 3 active boys, 3 dogs (Mocha, Angel, and princess Sassy), a wife, and a health coach, Peggy is quite busy. She loves to savor moments in the great outdoors, especially at the beach. “I’m a total introvert who loves the outdoors,” she mentions, “The beach is my favorite place to reflect, run, and meditate.” Her professional background is in accounting, after earning her BA in International Business (trilingual to boot: French, Spanish, and English!), but soon found her true passion for wellness. “My hobbies go from working out, [to] working out, and reading books.”

Peggy’s passion for fitness truly revolves around being near the beach. Her dream house would be on the ocean front, with a jacuzzi facing the beach, and the house itself would have 2 floors that she could enjoy with her family and 3 dogs. That leaves plenty of space for her to read some of her favorite books – La Emancipada by Miguel Riofrio and the Journal of Anne Frank. Or maybe she’d prefer to lounge in the jacuzzi planning her fitness coaching sessions!

Check out Peggy’s podcast every Sunday en Español for her advice on living a balanced life, with a Christian emphasis! Viviendo una vida en Balance

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