There are thousands of podcasts out there that you probably haven’t heard of- so here’s how to find ones that you will want to subscribe to right now! 

First of all, if you’re reading this blog you are connected with Public House Media! With that being said, head over out of this blog post to the main website hub, go to shows, and there is a list of an insane amount of podcasts with descriptions for you to check out!

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How will you know if you like any of them?

You won’t know if it’s your vibe until you give it a listen, just like any radio hosts, singer, actor- give the show a shot on If you like the show, you can head over to the purple Podcast App that is already installed on your phone! The app is free and will let you set up how you want notifications. There you can subscribe to the show and you will then be notified whenever the next episode is launched.

All shows from PHM are anywhere that you can find podcasts whether that be on the Podcast App, Spotify, Podbean, the list goes on.

The cool thing about the staff for PHM is that they have commercials at the beginning of shows to tell you about other shows that we as an organization promote, meaning there is a standard and it’s not something filled with a lot of air and unfiltered.

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If you are in the apps, you will see a browse or search bar and this makes looking for a show that you would want to listen to very easy.

You can search in the Top Charts meaning those shows have the most listeners, Featured meaning that podcaster paid a lot of money to have their show there, or if all else fails, ask a friend for a suggestion!


If there is a certain celebrity that you know has a podcast you can just search for the hostname. For example, f you are a huge Bachelor or Bachelorette fan, you can just type those in and you will find in peak form an array of alum there in their newest obsession after crying on a beach, or you can find a show and be inspired to live your best life by falling into a category such as “health” or “business” and my daily action tips in motivational areas.

I think with where smartphones, digital marketing and, social media are going that podcasts will in the next 2-4 years completely replace the radio talk shows as many hosts already have podcasts, but these are the apps that everyone is spending their spare time on now to be entertained more in the specific space they want to hear about.

Podcasts are convenient because they are on your phone, and your phone is with you most of your day, so to say that this is a great way too entertained most of your day I think is an understatement.

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