This week I talk about the power of metaphor both in stories and in the human life. Starting out with the idea of vivid descriptions, I first talk about an author’s ability to paint a picture that engages all the senses, rather than just telling what someone is doing or seeing or feeling. This goes back to the advice of ‘show, don’t tell,’ but I think that it goes even beyond that. Metaphors, visualizations​, the ability to explain things in a way that engages how a person interacts with the world (through the senses) is directly connected to how we become close to other people. So, the idea of metaphor goes beyond writing and story-telling and helps us understand our lives on a deeper level. I hope that today’s show and many shows to come allow you to view life differently and gain a better appreciation for the little things or even those things that are difficult.

Here are the links to the different books and poems I references in this episode:
Steven Pinker’s ‘The Sense of Style’
Gabriele Lusor Rico’s ‘Writing the Natural Way’
Charles Dickens’ ‘Hard Times’
Philip K. Dick’s ‘Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep’

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