CAUTION: Listening to the following two Podcasts could make you believe in yourself and want to get off the couch.

From one chronic snoozer to possibly another, these two podcasts are going to light a fire in your heart.

Your host of Choose to Rise: Kim Meyer, is a practical applicator who gives tangible advice on how to accomplish different things such as getting some exercise into your crazy schedule, dismiss those who don’t help you move forward in life, how to live your true best life, building a daily routine, and so many more tips and tricks to help you through all of those. Choose to Rise was one of Public House Media’s first shows and is one of the most popular to date!

Our newest show that launched in August of 2018 is  Your Life Matters hosted by Dr. Mariah White who is a passionate tiny human healer and health & happiness coach. Mariah is an extremely caring and kind coach who has battled depression and anxiety that held her back for so long and is now one of the boldest podcasters you will find out there.  

In both podcasts, you will hear that the tricks they are teaching you about to help you make your day and overall life better are ones that they both practice in their own life.  These aren’t people that preach at you then go turn their back on everything they just said, if you follow their stories on Instagram you will see first hand how transparent they really are in their journeys.

Your Life Matters Podcast was created because of Mariah’s’ social media following that wanted some more love from her. The title, schedule, and topics are all things that her followers have asked her to talk about. One of the greatest things about podcasts is that you can turn that around and speak on that topic in a matter of days, as Mariah does.

The coolest feature is that both podcasts give you tangible things to do afterward so that you are actually implementing these tools into your life.

Kim will challenge you to do different things and write back to her on how these tips have helped you and give honest feedback on what you like to hear and what you want to hear more about!

Mariah gives a homework assignment at the end of each Podcast so that in the next week, you are able to change your life by one more baby step than the previous one, and realize that you can, in fact, do hard things.

You can hear new episodes of Choose to Rise every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, as well as new episodes of Your Life Matters every Tuesday, here on Public House Media, or anywhere that you stream Podcasts.

Find your hosts on Facebook for Kim Meyer and Mariah White or Instagram @kjpmeyer and @drfitwhite.

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