Keith Hoehne, co-host of Coffee with Keith & Katie, is a born-and-raised Wisconsin native. After graduating from Carroll University in Waukesha, WI, he worked in a wide range of sports and entertainment positions. His experience in the broadcasting side of life, combined with his work in marketing, make for a great background to come into the podcasting world.

When he’s not broadcasting, podcasting, or attending a sporting event, Keith also plays FIFA and could be caught watching Netflix when he has some spare time (possibly with his wife?). He’s been involved in broadcasting/entertainment since college, which made it a natural fit for Katie (who has a background in theater and entertainment) to start a podcast together. “I think a husband and wife doing a show together […] is pretty unique.”

The couple has been making episodes for about a year and a half, and recently switched formats from Facebook Live videos (with recorded episodes released the following day) to a produced show in their new venture: KB Studios! Coffee with Keith & Katie will still be a Public House Media podcast – and have been for nearly a year – but the Hoehnes started their own entertainment studio to help facilitate their show.

Keith’s favorite episode was when he and Katie did a blind peanut butter taste test! Katie tasted different brands of peanut butter without knowing what the brands were and had to guess. “She was always so sure she liked Jif more, but she went with skippy for the blind test and was soo embarrassed!” Keith prefers creamy to chunky, to those inquiring minds!

Now displaced from his Wisconsin roots, and living in the Chicago area, Keith muses that if he could live anywhere regardless of cost Paris and London have always interested him. In the end, though, he would choose London, saying, “The culture has always fascinated me.”  At the end of the day, Keith really looks up to his father. “He’s the most generous, hardest working person I know.” Keith works to emulate his father’s work ethic in his own life, and serve others with a generous heart.

Tune in to Coffee with Keith & Katie every Sunday at 9:00 am central.

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