There is a lot of negativity in the world right now, and many people think that the best way to combat it is to fight fire with fire, creating a maelstrom of negative energy. However, just because there are some people who choose to go low, there are plenty of others who are doing what they can to help create some light and promote healing. On the Choose to Rise podcast, Kim Meyer is providing others with the materials that they need to live their best, most inspired lives.

Podcasting is just one way that Kim reaches the masses. She also uses videos to help spread the message of positivity. When asked about why she decided to create the Choose to Rise podcast, Kim said, “I was doing live videos for my followers to share topics, tips, and advice that I’ve found to improve confidence and help others be inspired to live well. Baxter [Colburn, founder of Public House Media] approached me to see if I’d like to expand my reach and use what I’m doing in a podcast form as well.” With Choose to Rise reaching over 6,000 downloads on Spreaker, Kim is able to influence a wide range of people and help create a better world. Kim also said that the expanded circle of influence that the Choose the Rise podcast has gathered is one of the best parts of podcasting. “I love that I get to reach more people, hopefully inspiring them to make positive changes in their life and spreading more light than darkness in this world. If we all shine bright together, we can take away the shadows.”

For Kim, keeping physically healthy is just as important as being mentally prepared to share her message, as is staying well rested. Before recording, Kim says “I really like to have done my workout, but if that can’t happen then I for sure need my superhero juice. Helps me be alert and ready to deliver my best.” Of course, she also keeps herself spiritually healthy, by starting out the day “listening to an inspiring podcast or worship music, then I get into my devotional journal and daily affirmations.” Anyone looking for a new creative outlet, like podcasting, can find this advice, “Don’t be afraid or worried about those that might judge. Be you, just get started and shine your light for others to see!” and other words of encouragement from Kim when they download Choose to Rise.  

Those who are looking for a dose of positivity in a seemingly bleak world can find Choose to Rise videos streaming live every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday on the Public House Media Facebook Page. For on-the-go inspiration, listeners can also find Choose to Rise on any of their favorite podcast services, like iTunes, Stitcher, Spreaker, and many others.

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