By: Christine O’Toole

In a world filled with opinion pieces and hot takes, some people like to spend their time online thinking about the lighter fare. For many, this leads them to pop culture. When it comes to fandom and popular culture, having a guide can be helpful. Lindsay Strean, one of the hosts of the Beauties and Headcanons podcast, is a vanguard for all things nerdy. Covering topics from Sailor Moon to Star Wars, Lindsay, along with Emily Elmquist and Elisabeth Thorpe, make nerd culture accessible to everyone, whether they are a lifetime con-goer or someone entering their first fandom.


Of course, when you’re talking about fandom and pop culture, you need to have a background and interest in those topics. For Lindsay, much of that comes from an ability to still indulge her inner child with properties like Harry Potter or Wrinkle in Time. That informs a passion for exploration and adventure, which you begin to understand when she talks about which fictional worlds she’s like to live in, choosing Narnia from The Chronicles of Narnia.“Sure there’s a bit of adventure and risk in choosing there to live but the magic and power of animals and humans and the like living together with Aslan, and the White Witch, and all the creatures- I’d grow old and still have much to explore” she muses.


There are plenty of opportunities to find people who share the same interests and passions. Lindsay joined Beauties and Headcanons after meeting Emily through church. She says, “Her (Emily’s) husband reached out to me when they were looking for hosts, knowing we had similar nerdy interests he asked me if I’d be interested in applying and so I did!” The nature of podcasting makes it easy to forge connections and create an environment where everyone is able to learn more about each other.


For those looking to start a podcast or get involved with one, Lindsay provides some solid advice, telling prospective hosts to amplify themselves. “You may think you don’t have anything to say and share but you do and people want to hear from you. Imagine being exactly who someone connects to across the country and the great opportunity you might have of touching someone with whatever you bring to the table. What I mean by amplify is that you are unique and special and you have something to say, but no one will hear you if YOU don’t say it, and only you can.”


Creating a podcast is different than making anything else, and Lindsay has embraced that aspect, stating, “I love the collaboration involved in making a podcast. We have an opportunity to talk about things we are passionate about and enjoy with people who are passionate about the same things. I love that we also learn from each other and have to be tolerant of opinions and differing viewpoints. It’s an exercise in civility and open-mindedness but still being able to see the similarities between very different lives and people.”  


To get your fix of nerd culture, and hear more from Lindsay, download Beauties and Headcanons. Uploaded weekly, this podcast provides everything that you could ever need to become the most well-versed in the ‘Verse or a Marvel maven. In the last episode, your hosts provide a breakdown of the reasons to love Avatar: The Last Airbender. Subscribe to Beauties and Headcanons in iTunes, or find it on Spreaker to hear more from Lindsay Strean.

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