Completely Serious is a podcast that is going strong into year two with a funny take on all things sports.

Ryan is a Podcaster, Freelance Professional, friend, and Chicago sports lover and passionate advocate of some Chicago deep dish pizza. What more do you expect from a Midwesterner? Recently Ryan has moved out to Washington DC to take on some new challenges, but Completely Serious will remain the same!

A year ago Ryan started his podcast because he saw space where everyone was just, well, completely serious in a space that could use some humor in the mix and give people an easy listen to on their way to work or in their spare time. Shows are usually about 15 minutes in length with a topic that draws a listener in with a guest who is usually more familiar with that particular topic. He likes to ask about their team, opinions and hopes that they know what they are actually talking about if they don’t all the better for the comedic standpoint.

In his spare time and weekends, Ryan likes to read and write, watch shows on TV and loves going out with friends. He is a big concert fan, enjoys supporting local artist on weekends, going out to a live sporting event, and traveling in the area of his new home. Ryan said it is nice to still have the podcast in his time of transition because it is the one thing that has stayed the same, and gives him a piece of home out East.

What can listeners look forward to from Completely Serious?

“Listeners have to look forward to hopefully more athletes and journalists on the show, I like to bring out their personalities, and just to get a goofy side from them on different topics.”

If you have any show topics or would like to reach out to Ryan, you can do so on Facebook by searching Ryan Piers, or through the contact page on

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