For this first in a series of podcast roundup posts, I’ll be highlighting Public House Media’s podcasts that fall into the positivity and self-help category. Here at Public House, our motto is “Everyone has a voice,” so what better voice to have in your heads than ones who can lift your spirits and put you in a positive frame of mind?

Choose to RiseHosted by Kim Meyer, Choose to Rise airs LIVE on Facebook every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday! A recorded version releases every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday on your favorite podcasting platforms. Kim covers topics like how to live with gratitude, eliminating stress, habits for success, and so much more! Her positivity and passion for her topics is infectious, it’s hard to listen to Choose to Rise and NOT follow her advice!

Rewritten with Julianne Condia: Join Julianne Condia every Thursday for a new episode. Julianne’s mission is to empower others to rewrite their stories, forget about and learn from the mistakes of their pasts, and grow together to become the best versions of themselves. Discussing things like your own worst enemies, forgiveness, conquering your fears, and unleashing your potential, Rewritten is a great listen for any struggle you’re going through.

The Morning Uplift: After several months on hiatus, Elizabeth Colburn is back on Monday mornings to start your work week off right! As a busy mom and teacher, Elizabeth speaks from the heart about things that matter. Real talk about relationships, how to bring joy into your life, building resilience, going through changes, as well as guest hosts help listeners “find beauty in the journey” that is life.

Viviendo una Vida en Balance: Public House Media’s first (and only – so far) podcast in Spanish (en Español)! Peggy Rojas hosts on living a life with balance and how to create routines that maintain balance. This brand-new podcast comes out Sundays!

Your Life MattersDr. Mariah White brings her “A” game in this podcast about dreaming big, fueling your soul, and living boldly. Every Tuesday a new episode releases, reminding listeners that “You are NOT Broken,” “Your Worst Day Was Your Best Day,” and what G.R.I.T. stands for. Dr. White’s enthusiasm and genuine care for others truly amplifies her message that Your Life Matters!

If you’re looking for a new (or another!) podcast to pump some positivity into your life, check out these great options! Public House Media has a little bit of something for everyone, and hopefully one of these fit the bill for you!

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