“The greatest postseason in sports is here as the Stanley Cup Playoffs begin tonight! Inside The Cheap Seats our resident hockey gurus, Geoff Chiles and Max Wolpoff get you pumped to lace up the skates.

The boys will give you a full breakdown of each first-round matchup, including who they think advance towards the ultimate prize. However, it’s not all goal horns and kick saves. They have some gripes associated with the playoff format and offer up some simple solutions for the NHL to consider. Will you agree? Tune in to find out!

Plus, with the end of the regular season comes talk of the Most Valuable Player. Geoff and Max give their thoughts on who could and should be taking home the Hart Trophy while debating if making the playoffs should have an impact. You can choose with them by voting on our daily Facebook poll at The Cheap Seats by Public House Media Facebook page. All that plus the craziest stories in the world of sports on our “”Wild Wednesday””.

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