“The playoffs can be a very stressful time for fans. Especially when you’re facing the same team that has eliminated you each of the last two seasons. But what happens when you finally win and advance? Max Wolpoff and Geoff Chiles explain it today in The Cheap Seats.

Max is on “”Cloud 9″” after his Washington Capitals finally got over the hump and knocked out the Pittsburgh Penguins, advancing to their first Eastern Conference Finals since 1998. Both he and Geoff break down how they did it and preview the next round as they take on the Tampa Bay Lightning. Our guys also look ahead to another Game 7 between the Nashville Predators and Winnipeg Jets as well as if either team can beat the Vegas Golden Knights.

They’ll also check in on the latest NBA Playoff series and the top headlines in Major League Baseball. Don’t miss our poll question by checking out The Cheap Seats by Public House Media on Facebook! While you’re doing that, visit www.thePHmedia.com and buy some great gear while also subscribing so you never miss an episode!”

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