“Welcome back up in The Cheap Seats where friendly banter is the name of the game, with a new friend added in. Max Wolpoff is joined by his new co-host Keith Hoehne for the first time and the boys enjoy a healthy debate over which form of payment they prefer in pro sports: Salary Cap or Luxury Tax? You can join the discussion to by visiting The Cheap Seats by Public House Media on Facebook.

Don’t miss a full breakdown of the NBA Finals Part IV: Cavaliers vs. Warriors. Is this really good for basketball or just another validation of LeBron James’ legacy? Max and Keith also take a look at the Stanley Cup Finals, including Keith prodding Max on his hometown Capitals.

All of that plus the craziest stories in sports as part of our “”Wild Wednesday”” feature. As a reminder, you can catch every episode by subscribing on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Spreaker.com and of course www.thePHmedia.com. Make sure you check out the store while there and help support the show!”

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