“The Washington Capitals are one win away from the Stanley Cup. Resident Caps fan Max Wolpoff was at the game and his euphoria is palpable. Today in The Cheap Seats, Keith Hoehne finds out from his co-host what it was like in Game 4 and it’s it ok to start uttering the word: “”Champions””.

So the NBA is considering adding a coaches challenge to the rules. Can they challenge a players ability to remember the score? Keith and Max breakdown whether or not its a good idea and how the Cleveland Cavaliers can bounce back tonight in Game 3.

Plus, we remember the legacy of San Francisco 49ers legend Dwight Clark who passed away earlier this week. From “”The Catch”” to continuing the fight against ALS, even if you weren’t alive for his playing days, Clark has definitely made an impact. We discuss that and much more, including our Wild Wednesday on Google Play, Apple Podcasts, TuneIn Radio, Spreaker, and www.thePHmedia.com!”

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