“Last night, over 50 players became the newest members of the NBA family. Which ones will have the most impact? Who will be labeled a bust? What about a steal? Inside The Cheap Seats you know we aren’t short on opinions.

Today, Jake Holmes and guest co-host Christian Heimall recap the NBA Draft and the effect these young stars will have on their new teams. More importantly, who is going to be known as the biggest bust and biggest steal come the next five years. And maybe most important of all, did the Cleveland Cavaliers do enough to keep LeBron James this summer? Our guys have some hot takes that may surprise you.

Finally, there are always weird injuries or excuses in life, but when it comes to sports, these MLB headlines take the cake. Plus, the boys get you primed for the NHL Draft this weekend. Don’t forget to check out The Cheap Seats by Public House Media on Facebook to vote on the poll question. You can also subscribe wherever you find podcasts and continue to enjoy the best seat in the house!”

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