“Today on the The Cheap Seats, Keith Hoehne is joined by guest co-host Christian Heimall and they have plenty on their minds. From Christian’s cold remedies to Keith’s shameless plug of his other podcast and, oh yeah, some sports stuff, the guys break it all down.

First up, the World Cup showcases the best and brightest international soccer stars. But what happens when those stars begin to fade? They come to the MLS! With Wayne Rooney possibly joining D.C. United, the boys discuss whether or not these world superstars get you excited to watch the MLS. You can make your voice heard too by going to The Cheap Seats by Public House Media on Facebook and voting on our poll.

Then, the NBA Awards were dolled out on Monday, LeBron is supposed to have a decision by Friday, and the NFL Network released their top-10 players heading into this season. Both Keith and Christian have issues with all of it. To hear all the other issues they have, subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, iHeartRadio, Spreaker, www.thePHmedia.com and more!”

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