“Well, it’s official. Not even one full day in to NBA Free Agency and LeBron James has once again shifted power in the Association. Today on The Cheap Seats, Christian Heimall and Jon Lauder dicuss The King to LA and what it means for the future of basketball.

Brandon Robinson of Scoop B Radio and Basketball Society Online joins the program once again. As someone who broke the LeBron to LA story, he’ll explain exactly why James donned a Lakers uniform. He’ll also discuss Paul George’s decision to stay in Oklahoma City and what is next for the Western Conference.

Plus, Jon is all fired up about the World Cup and Christian’s favorite MLB midseason date is here! Don’t forget to head to The Cheap Seats by Public House Media on Facebook to vote on the poll question. You should also subscribe, rate, and review on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spreaker, www.thePHmedia.com and more!”

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