What on Earth is happening to the NFL? Penalty records are broken each week and the season is taking a turn toward straight confusion. Matt and Jake have some pretty strong opinions about what is happening to the NFL, you wont want to miss it.

But on a positive note, fall is here. Which means the MLB postseason and NHL regular season is right around the corner. Matt and Jake dive in to the NL Central and West race to see who has the advantage going into the MLB’s final regular season weekend. Also, after a wild offseason, Jake and Matt preview this NHL season. Who will be a surprise? Who are the real favorites? Jake seems to think one of the favorites is a fraud.

Finally, Keith Hoenhe joins Matt and Jake for the weekly segment of “Where in the World is Keith?”. Hear what had had to say about his experience at the University of Tennessee and what he’s looking forward to in Pittsburgh, PA this weekend.

All that plus the poll question and predictions on this epsiode of The Cheap Seats. Find us wherever you access your podcasts and www.thephmedia.com.

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