“For only one version actually playing, there’s a lot happening in the football community. From the NFLPA to the World Cup semifinals, there are sure to be some hot takes as a result. Join Keith Hoehne and guest co-host Christian Heimall for a fiery Wednesday edition of The Cheap Seats!

With half the World Cup Final decided, what has this tournament meant to American soccer “”fans””? It’s been such an exciting event with many different storylines, there has to be a positive to the USA not being involved. Not to mention, Ronaldo is on the move! What is it about soccer transfers that makes everyone go “”meh’? The guys discuss.

Then, it’s only July but the NFL is making headlines, and not in a good way. No time to waste in berating the league that has more issues than it does players. You won’t want to miss the high octane discussion Keith and Christian have. All that plus our Wild Wednesday stories that will be sure to have you shaking your heads. Don’t forget to subscribe on Apple & Google Podcasts, Spreaker, www.thePHmedia.com and more, as well as check us out on Facebook at The Cheap Seats by Public House Media!”

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