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Podcasting is exactly what you want it to be, the fun and unfiltered talk show that a host wants to create! To get technical, according to Webster, a podcast is a digital audio file made available on the Internet for downloading to a computer or mobile device, typically available as a series, new installments of which can be received by subscribers automatically.Image result for podcasting

Most podcasting shows have at least one host with a specific knowledge point with a theme that can range from sports to scientific explorations, personal development, how to grow a business, politics, or how to be a good parent just to name a few!

There are not really any boundaries to what a podcast can or cannot be, it mostly depends on what the hosts’ audience wants! The most traditional way that podcasts have run in 2018 is by adding a theme song, an opening statement that catches the audience’s’ attention so that the listener can already tell if they want to continue to listen, and then they dig deep into what the topic is going to be for that show! Shows can range from  10 minutes long such as Public House Media’s Morning Uplift normally is, or up to around an hour long like The Cheap Seats with multiple hosts and sports from the last couple of days are able to cover.

Successful podcasts fill the show with quality information and do not give dead air or hostile environment like many other forms of media can. These instead are going to be more things that you enjoy learning more about such as how to instill healthy habits in your daily life like Host Kim Meyer in Choose to Rise teaches, or how to feel completely nerdy with your tribe in Beauties and Headcanons.

I think the coolest part about podcasting is that it is like your personal media station where you get to choose as the audience, what kind of information you get to listen to from your personal device and if you are going to give credit to the show. At the end of every major app where you can find podcasts, you are able to leave reviews so that the analytics can pick up on the shows traction and a wider audience can be exposed to the show and the content, it’s just like word of mouth, but podcast style.

Want to start a podcast? They are so new and still being adapted into today’s culture so your show could be the only one out there like it!

Have an idea for a podcast? Submit it to Public House Media on their homepage under “Openings”- hope you’ll join us there!

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